US To Ban Download Of WeChat And TikTok For National Security



The United States (US) government has once again announced a series of shutdowns on Chinese applications WeChat and TikTok.

Initially, in August this year, two different executive orders were issued to shut down WeChat and TikTok.

Donald Trump’s orders suggested that TikTok sell its US shares to a US company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

Similarly, WeChat was told to sell its US assets to a US technology company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

Following the US President’s threat, several US companies had expressed interest in buying US assets for TikTok and WeChat, and later Donald Trump gave Chinese companies another 45 days.

Both applications were due to sell their US assets to a US company by mid-November, but so far no company has reported any agreement with WeChat.

But a few days ago, it was reported that the short video sharing application has agreed to work in the United States on a partnership basis with the American company Oracle.

There were reports that TikTok and Oracle would jointly view US consumer data and content, and the companies submitted the agreement documents to the US Commerce Department on September 17.

After the two companies sent documents to the Commerce Department, US President Donald Trump said he would not sign the agreement between TikTok and Oracle.

The US president said due to the national security issues he would look into it before signing the agreement between the two companies.

Donald Trump also said that he would receive the documents of the agreement reached between TikTok and Oracle by September 18 and that he was looking into the agreement and he will not accept it until he is completely satisfied.

And now the news has come out that the US Department of Commerce has announced to block downloads of WeChat and TikTok.

The reports said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Louis Ross confirmed to Fox News Business that the US government has decided to ban both Chinese apps following the president’s instructions.

Commerce Secretary stated that a special notification will be issued on September 18, stating that WeChat will be banned across the United States from September 20 and no one will be able to download it.

The Commerce Secretary clarified that the US Government is taking all necessary steps to safeguard national security in the light of the President’s orders.

Reuters quoted the same report as saying that the US government had announced the closure of WeChat from September 20 and TikTok from November 12.

According to US officials, TikTok can be used with Internet security until November 12 but will be banned after a certain period of time.

Officials also expressed the hope that by November 12, TikTok and Oracle would be able to reach a comprehensive US national security agreement.

However, US officials did not elaborate on the exact national security agreement, and neither the US government nor the Chinese government immediately responded to the announcement.

TikTok is expected to reach a comprehensive agreement with Oracle before November 12.

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