US Open T20 brings great economic impact


BOCA RATON/FL – USA: The recently concluded US Open T20 tournament staged by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) at the Central Broward Regional Park was a shot in the arm financially for many businesses in the Broward area.
A study of the economic impact that the tournament brought revealed there was a boost of around USD$5M at the end of the five-day tournament.
This was welcome news for many businesses who have been struggling with the advent of the Covid 19 Pandemic. The tournament which was played from December 15 to 20 involved eight professional teams and players together with staff and some supporters flew into the County for the matches. It meant that hotels in the nearby region of the ground were happy to welcome visitors to their establishment because they were one of the most affected areas of business since Covid 19 came on.
This was a welcome relief for some hoteliers because players, staff, and supporters few in many days before the actual tournament to prepare for action. Those coming in would have also engaged in their Christmas shopping at Malls across Broward and this would have helped inject some much-needed funds into their businesses.
CCUSA also played a major hand in increasing economic activity by employing staff to work at the matches. The crew for MaqTv was mainly locals with restrictions on foreigners coming in.
Others employed during the period of the tournament included commentators, management officials, hospitality workers, security guards, sanitation staff, drivers, medical professionals, and caterers.
This is an annual boost that comes the way of Broward County and although this year it was not as gigantic as it normally is because of the absence of spectators at the game and foreign supporters, it was critical because it was able to shore up a limping economy if even for a short while.

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