US Election 2020: Trump Predicts ‘Beautiful Victory’



President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed that he will enjoy another victory in the election.

He predicted a “beautiful victory” in his final re-election campaign stop hours before the main voting.

“We’re going to have another beautiful victory tomorrow,” he told a crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same place where he held the climactic rally of his 2016 campaign when he upset the polls to beat Hillary Clinton.

“We’re going to make history once again,” he said.

US Election 2020 has begun. Voters in New Hampshire at the stroke of midnight have cast their ballots.

As per the initial details, Voters in Dixville Notch, a village of 12 residents in New Hampshire, have unanimously voted for Democrat Joe Biden within minutes.

Initial results suggest that five votes have been cast for Joe Biden and none for Donald Trump.

New Hampshire has traditionally voted “first in the nation” since 1960.

Takin to Twitter, Trump is motivating his people to vote. US Election has become a Top Trend on the social media platform.

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