Sod turned for North Carolina Cricket Stadium


CHATHAM/NORTH CAROLINA – USA: The sod turning ceremony for the construction of the North Carolina Cricket Stadium in the United States took place on Saturday at the 242 Coleridge Road, Silver City North Carolina.

The massive project which will be undertaken by the Maq Group of Companies and Samp Army Cricket Club will see the construction of two cricket fields which will assist with the development of the game in that region. On Saturday there was also the official opening of the Indoor Cricket Centre which will help players fine tune their game all year round.

Speaking about the project chairman of the Maq Group of Companies Mahammad Qureshi said: “We are very happy with the fact that this project is now on the way. We have forged a close alliance with Samp Army to have two state of the art cricket playing facilities and this will go a long way in developing the cricket in the North Carolina area.

“There are so many players who want to get involved in the game at a serious level and we present them that opportunity by having a facility that is up to standard.” Qureshi who played a major role in the construction of the Central Broward Regional Park in Sunrise thanked Ritesh Patel the owner of the Samp Army team for his involvement. “Ritesh and his group have been very keen in getting this project going and we have forged a close alliance to get it done. He is one guy who has the vision of building cricket in this part of the country and we are going to assist as much as we can to make this a reality.”

Qureshi is known for building stadia as he has two under his charge at the moment. He has a sprawling cricket stadium called the Maq Cricket Stadium in Delray Beach, Florida and also the Maq Cricket Stadium in Hafizabad, Punjab Pakistan. He added that it is not only about building facilities. “This is not only about building facilities, it is much more than that. We don’t want white elephants, we want facilities that will encourage players to play the game. Hence we will be hosting a number of tournaments at this facility in North Carolina. The arena will be one that is alive with cricket all the time. It will form part of a cricket factory in North Carolina.

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