Qureshi promises bumper 2022


MARGATE/FL – USA: He has maneuvered rough terrain to have cricket played due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the man with the vision Mahammad Qureshi is promising an even better 2022 at the helm of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA).The 13th Edition of the popular US Open T20 open came to a successful end just a few weeks ago in Broward and there are plans for several tournaments this year.

“We are happy for all the efforts of everyone who worked hard with us to make our 2021 tournaments a success. “As we look forward to the new year, I know that a number of people are a bit cautious and worried given that we are living in a pandemic. However, let me share that we at CCUSA will do whatever it takes to continue to bring you world-class cricket through our various tournaments while keeping everyone involved safe. “This coming year promises to be a great one and we are looking at having four major tournaments.

We will start with the President’s Cup in February in Tampa as we continue to build cricket in those parts. After this, we then put all our efforts into hosting the first-ever T10 World Cup which will be played at the Central Broward Regional Park in Fort Lauderdale.”We are looking at having 100 teams taking part in this tournament and if we reach that mark it will be an awesome event. We would love to have 100 teams playing cricket at the same tournament and this again will be a first in the world.”After this, we step across in October for the Legends World Cup which we brought on stream for the first time in 2021.

This will be held in conjunction with the US Cricket Hall of Fame again and we are looking forward to hosting. “Our final tournament for the year will be the US Open T20 and again we plan to better the 2021 event by having another top-notch event. Last year our tournament attracted millions of viewers and we want to increase this by bringing in even better talent on US soil.”CCUSA has also extended its arm outside the US and in 2002 Major Cricket League (MCL) Pakistan is expected to continue as well as assist cricket in St. Maarten which started two years ago.

The Maq North/South Classic in Trinidad is to come on stream again after not being played in 2020 and 2021. Qureshi ended by saying: “I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy New Year, one that is prosperous and more importantly safe, and we will look forward to seeing our cricketers develop even more.”

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