Qureshi has ‘cricket vaccine’ for America


MARGATE/FL – USA: Chairman and CEO of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi has long ago created the ‘cricket vaccine’ to assist an ailing American cricket system.
The businessman who lives in Boca has been spending his own money to take American cricket out of the doldrums and, time and time again, he has to give it an injection to keep it afloat.
Twenty years ago, Qureshi saw the dire need to get involved in the administration of the sport to assist. He was just a normal player taking part in South Florida leagues. He was always a keen follower and lover of the sport and once he got the time, he was on a cricket field playing for numerous teams across Florida.
It was while playing in the leagues he saw the need to help as it was failing. He then held talks with his close confidant Mohammed Amin Markatia and they decided to form Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) which today stands proudly at 21 years.
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Had it not been for the intervention of Qureshi American cricket would have folded by now. The rising star of the sport at the moment in America is Muhammad Ali Khan and, he is a sole product of CCUSA and Qureshi.
Just as an example of what Qureshi does for cricket and cricketers in America, he brought up Dwayne Bravo to play at the US Open T20 and introduced him to Ali Khan and, Bravo took Khan to the CPL to play with the Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR) and, the rest is history. This year Ali Khan became the first cricketer from America to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and, it all started at the US Open T20 under the banner of CCUSA.
Qureshi’s latest shot in the arm for the sport of cricket came during the Covid 19 Pandemic when he brought back cricket when all had shut down. After a couple of months into the pandemic, he decided to re-start cricket with all Covid 19 protocols observed at his personal cricket ground in Delray Beach, the Maq Cricket Stadium.
Players were calling him all the time expressing their frustration at not having the chance to play cricket and he decided to bring it back using his resources. His work was highlighted in the top Caribbean newspaper the Guardian and also on Asia’s top magazine Sportsline.
He has done it all for the love of cricket and people and he continues to put his money where his mouth is and will be bringing forward the US Open T20 this December starting on the 15th at the Central Broward Regional Park.

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