MCL Pakistan promise to be a big hit 


HAFIZABAD – PAKISTAN: The third edition of the Major Cricket League (MCL) Pakistan is about to bowl off in Hafizabad and it promises to be a major hit.

The action gets going on May 2 and ends with the grand finals on May 7, with all matches taking place at the Maq Cricket ground in Hafizabad. A total of six franchise teams will be taking part in the T20 series which promises to create great excitement amongst the fans in that part of Pakistan. Each team has investors/sponsors so the players will be well taken care off.

The winner of this tournament will pocked 500,000 Pakistani rupees and the runner-up will carry away 250,000 Pakistani rupees. The six franchises are Lahore Lions, Hafizabad Stallions, Karachi Sharks, Hyderabad Jaguars, Faisalabad Bears and Islamabad Tigers.

This tournament is under the umbrella of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) and its chairman Mahammad Qureshi. The Pakistani-born American businessman said he brought the tournament on stream to assist with the development of cricket in his native Pakistan. “We are very happy to assist in the development of cricket in Pakistan. What this tournament does is that it provides a platform for cricketers to showcase their talent to the national selection panel.

“In addition to this we understand that not everyone will make the Pakistan national team, so we choose players who perform well at the tournament and give them chances to play at tournaments outside of Pakistan, like the US Open T20 tournament in America. We broadcast all these games on MaqTv so that the players are exposed to the world and can be picked up anywhere.

“There is so much talent in Pakistan that goes to waste. We want to ensure that players with talent have the best opportunity to make cricket their livelihood and we intend to do all in our power to help.”

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