Maq’s gift to American cricketers


MARGATE/FL – Known as the Godfather of American cricket, administrator Mahammad Qureshi is giving the country’s cricketers a gift in 2019 when the USA National Championship MaqT10 tournament that is carded for April 26 to 28 at the Central Broward cricket ground is played off.

All the cricketers have to walk with his their gears as everything else is being sponsored by Qureshi for the 2019 tournament. The tournament which involves only cricketers from America will be played as a three-day affair with teams from the eight regions under the Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) banner.
Qureshi, the successful businessman is chairman and founder of CCUSA made the announcement immediately after a successful 10th edition of the US Open T20 tournament which ended on December 17. According to Qureshi : “We are very happy with where we have reached as a cricket body and my gift to America’s cricket for the new year is free participation at the USA National Championship MaqT10 tournament which takes place at the back end of April.
“We are allowing free registration for the teams, free uniforms, free lunches, free freshments, free hotel stay and even transport to the cricket. Of course, teams and players will vie for wonderful trophies and medals all courtesy CCUSA.”
Qureshi who has spent millions into the development of cricket in the US added : “We want to continue to do our part to assist in the development of cricket and as such we are making participation in this tournament very possible. We brought in foreign professionals to take part in the US Open T20 to give the local players to chance to interact and improve their game. Now we are putting a forum for the local players to battle each other for honours. All in all, this is just another opportunity for cricketers to improve their play, leading to a better and stronger US team.”

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