Maq Qureshi’s Heroic Innings in a High-Scoring Encounter


Central Broward Regional Park, 12/7/2023, 4:30:00 PM

In a thrilling clash between Team Pakistan and Team USA in the World Cup 2023 Legends series, cricket enthusiasts were treated to a spectacle of extraordinary batting prowess. The match, held at the iconic Central Broward Regional Park, saw Maq Qureshi deliver a breathtaking innings that will be etched in the annals of cricketing history.

Toss and Innings:

Team USA won the toss and elected to bat, setting the stage for a high-scoring contest. The formidable batting lineup of Team USA, led by Maq Qureshi, took full advantage of the decision. The maestro showcased his class, crafting an innings of pure genius. The Team USA innings concluded at a colossal 213/1 in 20 overs, with a remarkable run rate of 10.65.

Maq Qureshi’s Masterclass:

  • Runs: 95
  • Balls Faced: 67
  • Boundaries: 11 fours, 1 six

Maq Qureshi’s innings was nothing short of a cricketing masterpiece. With an array of strokes that included elegant drives and powerful pulls, Qureshi dominated the opposition bowlers. His innings of 95 runs, which included 11 boundaries and a towering six, showcased the perfect blend of technique and aggression.

Team Pakistan’s Response:

Chasing a daunting target of 214, Team Pakistan displayed resilience, with notable contributions from Mian Awais Mehmood, MURALIDHARAN DEVARAJA, and Nadeem Khan. However, the required run rate proved challenging, and despite their efforts, Team Pakistan concluded their innings at 137/3 in 20 overs, with a run rate of 6.85.

Result: TEAM USA Won by 76 Runs

Team USA emerged victorious by a convincing margin of 76 runs, with Maq Qureshi rightfully earning the Man of the Match award for his exceptional innings that set the tone for the match. Qureshi’s contribution played a pivotal role in Team USA’s dominant performance, leaving an enduring impact on the cricketing fraternity.


Maq Qureshi’s heroic innings in the World Cup 2023 Legends match against Team Pakistan was a celebration of cricketing excellence. His ability to command the game with finesse and power left an indelible mark on the match, making it a memorable spectacle for fans worldwide. This encounter will be remembered not just as a game but as a showcase of the artistry that defines the essence of cricket.

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