Madabhushi praises Qureshi on US Open T20


Owner of the Tampa Tigers Prahalad Madabhushi has heaped praises on chairman of Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) Mahammad Qureshi, calling him the greatest ever cricket administrator in the history of US cricket.

Madabhushi will be leading the Tampa Tigers at the 2022 Edition of the US Open T20 and in an interview on MaqTv he stated that Qureshi as an administrator has done the most for the development of cricket in the United States. “Maq has been the best cricket administrator we have ever had in the US. He has vision that is unmatched and that is why the US Open T20 is such a successful tournament.

“He has spent his money in the development of the sport here and while others talk, he shows by his actions. I am pleased to be playing at his tournament as it has done great things for US cricket.

“Qureshi has gone beyond the US Open T20 to fund other tournaments and we see him continuing to spend large sums of money to assist cricket. We in the United States owe him a serious debt of gratitude for what he has done for cricket in our country and for what he continues to do.”

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