First Hijab Wearing Mayor Of UK To Sue Labour Leadership Over Racism Claims



The first Hijab-wearing mayor of the United Kingdom, who left last month due to racism attacks, has announced to take legal action against the labour party.

According to the details, Rakhia Ismail said she was marginalised by the Labour leadership at Islington Council.

According to Rakhia Ismail, she raised the issue of a knife attack on herself in the media, which angered one of her Labor colleagues who is damaging her reputation.

Rakhia added that “The more we speak up – the more we make the change and people will realise and then all the unconscious bias will be dealt with.”

“But if we keep quiet then we are actually supporting discrimination; that’s my view. With the Black Lives Matter movement currently ongoing, we all need to show responsibility.”

She said that in 2019, the council decided not to hold a function on the occasion of Eid. “I felt that as a woman from a black minority, I was always neglected.” She added.

Rakhia Ismail raised a grievance about the incident to Labour management – but over a year later it remains unaddressed. However, on the other hand, Islington Labour said all grievances that were raised have been settled.

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