Ali Khan gets major prize from Maq Group


SUNRISE/FL – USA: USA fast bowler Muhammad Ali Khan was gifted 1.5 acres of land near Disney World Florida by CEO of the Maq Group Mahammad Qureshi as being the best of the bowlers at the 2020 US Open T20 tournament at the Central Broward Regional Park in Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale.
Qureshi made the presentation of the documents for the land during the mid-innings break of the final between Atlanta Param Veers and 22 Yards. Ali Khan is a product of the US Open T20 tournament and for quite a while, Qureshi has taken a keen interest in the Kolkata Knight Riders player.
Ali Khan got his big break because of Qureshi when the successful Boca Raton businessman brought in Dwayne Bravo a couple seasons ago to play alongside Ali for the US All Stars. It was here that Bravo saw the potential in Ali and he took him to play for the Trinbago Knight Riders and the rest is history.
Ali was given the award because he was the fastest and best bowler of the tournament. During the semi-finals he returned figures of 4/25 playing for the US All Stars.
Ali has been gifted with 1.5 acres of land in Orange County close to Disney World. According to Qureshi: “Ali was the fastest and best bowler at this year’s tournament and as CEO of the Maq Group I decided to reward him for his great effort. He has been with us at the US Open all these years and has helped to build our cricket. We are very happy to give him this award and we wish him all the best in the future.”

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