9.5 million viewed US Open T20


MARGATE – FL: A total of 9.5 million viewers enjoyed the 2018 US Open T20 tournament that was staged at the Central Broward Regional Park and aired on MaqTv. 
Mere days after the event ended on Monday, December 17th the statistics on viewership came out and it was recorded at 9.5 million. The 10th edition of the tournament attracted tremendous interest from cricket fans around the world, as a number of top T20 practitioners from around the globe came to Lauderhill for the event. 
There was a total of 34 teams that took part in the tournament with 24 playing in the US Open T20 and another 10 taking part in the Youth US Open T20, which ended a day after the major event. 
The production of this event was undertaken by Maq Media and shown on MaqTv worldwide.
The figure has excited chairman of the US Open T20 tournament Mahammad Qureshi. He states: “This is fabulous for our tournament to attract such interest worldwide. Congratulations are in order for my team that worked very long hours in making this production great. Sofian Qamar undertook this production from his end and was at the ground for all the matches, ensuring that the quality was good.”
MaqTv will now be airing the matches and highlights over the next year on their platform so that even those that missed matches, can now get another chance to see the brilliance that was on display. The tournament was won by California Bears who dethroned defending champions Somerset Cavaliers in the finals. 

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