4 MCL teams up for grabs


LAHORE/PAKISTAN: Four teams are still up for grabs in the 2022 Major Cricket League T20 tournament that takes place in Hafizabad, Pakistan from March 1 to 6. Six teams will do battle for honors at the second edition of the tournament and this has created major excitement in Pakistan after the successful first year. The six teams taking part are defending champions Lahore Lions, Hafizabad Stallions, Karachi Sharks, Hyderabad Jaguars, Faisalabad Bears, and Islamabad Tigers. CCUSA, the umbrella body for this tournament, is reporting on Monday that two teams have already been sold and four more are on the sale block. The cost of owning a team in this tournament is US$10,000. Chairman of CCUSA Mahammad Qureshi is encouraging potential owners to come forward quickly. He told News925:” This is the right time to get on board as an owner. At a price of US$10,000, this is very reasonable. Once we continue to build this tournament it will become much more expensive to be a team owner. At this point in time, you are getting a steal of a deal. Even if you come in now at this fantastic price of US$10,000 you can build equity and sell at a high price for the future.”

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