24Seven Tech and Cultureal take over Simpson Bay


Technology company 24Seven and South African-based export company Cultureal have taken ownership of the Simpson Bay Pelicans at the upcoming MAQ Cricket59 tournament carded for St. Maarten from November 8 to 10.
Chairman of 24Seven Tech Mohammed Amin Markatia revealed that he has invested in the team and will be looking forward to great performances from the players. “I am looking forward to seeing some great performances in this tournament. However more than that, we want to help assist cricket on the Island and if it means investing to see the youngsters get a chance to play, then that is great.”

24Seven Technologies is a well-respected establishment and its leader Markatia comes from a diversified business background. He has expertise in Information Technology, Telecommunication, Retail and Point of Sale, just to mention a few.
On the cricket side, he has been associated with the sport for over two decades in the United States and has been trying his best to promote the sport he loves. As his social media bio suggests he is a technology-driven, people-centric, serial entrepreneur.
Markatia is very grateful for his blessings and always tries to give back as much as he can. Also coming on board the Simpson Bay Pelicans as an investor, sponsor, and co-owner is Akeel Ahmed Khan. The businessman has decided to invest in the Simpson Bay Pelican team as he wants to help build cricket on the Island.  Khan is an investor coming all the way from South Africa.

He brings a wealth of experience in the business and management field as he has investments not only in South Africa but China as well. Hailing from Durban in South Africa, Khan wons the Royal Touch company in South Africa and Cultureal Exports company out of China. One of the major brands under his control is Chookie Beauty.

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