US Election 2020: Joe Biden Presents His Plans For Office



US President-elect Joe Biden has presented his plans to work on after winning the election.

Joe Biden’s team said that Joe Biden will likely make coronavirus pandemic his top priority.

His team announced the first steps in his transition plan. The team said that there would be more testing and Americans would be asked to wear masks.

Mr. Biden is likely to announce a 12-member coronavirus task force. 

Mr. Trump has yet to accept the results and Mr. Biden’s win remains a projection as several states are still counting votes. 

But he is working ahead with his plans for resuming powers. That reportedly includes some executive orders, written orders issued by the President. 

According to US media:

  • Mr. Biden will rejoin the Paris climate agreement, which the US officially left on Wednesday
  • He will reverse the decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization
  • He will end the travel ban on citizens from seven mostly Muslim countries
  • He will reinstate an Obama-era policy of granting immigration status to undocumented migrants who entered the US as children

What Is The Pandemic Plan? 

The Biden team has said it will ensure all Americans had access to regular and free testing and provide “clear, consistent, evidence-based guidance”. The task force will work under the leadership of surgeon-general Vivek Murthy and a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, David Kessler.

In addition to this, Mr. Biden also wants rules regarding the wearing of masks across the country. 

Apart from that, Mr. Biden will also work on plans to tackle the virus-hit US economy by promoting manufacturing, investing in infrastructure, making childcare more affordable, and reducing the wealth gap between different ethnic groups.

How Will Joe Biden Tackle Systemic Racism?

Mr. Biden is expected to work on ending racism as well. He aims to make addressing racism a central pillar of his administration.

He wants measures including better access to suitable housing for black and minority communities. According to the international news agency, he is likely to implement fair treatment and pay for workers and enabling the Federal Reserve – the US central bank, which sets monetary policy – to do more to reduce racial wealth disparities. Apart from that, he is likely to ban chokeholds.

“Our criminal justice system cannot be just unless we root out the racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system,” his plan says.

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