Taiwan Redesigns Passport, Shrinking ‘Republic Of China’


COURTESY BY: https://www.bolnews.com/

Taiwan has officially redesigned the passport, the word ‘Taiwan’ has been made larger whereas ‘The Republic of China’ has been written in a tiny font.

Authorities explained the changes that the redesign of passport was to stop confusion between its nationals and the people of China.

According to the international news agency, the English words ‘Republic of China’ (Taiwan’s official name) will be placed to wrap around the national emblem in a tiny font. Whereas, the English word ‘Taiwan’ will be larger and in bold font.


Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic “our people have kept hoping that we can give more prominence to Taiwan’s visibility, avoiding people mistakenly thinking they are from China”, the islamd’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told reporters.

However, a Beijing foreign Ministry spokeswoman said this would not change Taiwan being an “inalienable part of China”.

Authorities have said that countries have enforced the travel bans to prevent the outbreak and they have imposed the same restrictions from Taiwan as from China.

Governance in Taiwan is sovereign since 1949 when the mainland government fled to the island after its defeat by the Communist Party in China’s civil war. It possesses its own democratically elected government, its own army, and its own currency.

On the contrary, the Chinese government says under the One China policy that it is the legitimate ruler of Taiwan. It says it will take control of the territory, by force if necessary.

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