‘No one can take an inch’: PM Modi spotlights India’s military capabilities


COURTESY BY: https://www.hindustantimes.com/

Chinese troops were neither able to enter the country nor take over any post, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told an all party meeting on Friday evening, assuring the country and political parties that the armed forces were capable of action in more than one theatre.

PM Modi had convened the all party meeting after a border stand-off with Chinese troops at four locations in eastern Ladakh escalated at one point in Galwan region on Monday night.

PM Modi, who had started the meeting with rich tributes to the 20 soldiers who laid down their lives at the bloody Galwan face-off, praised them for their courage. Those

“Our 20 jawans were martyred in Ladakh but they taught a lesson to those who dared to cast an evil eye on Bharat Mata,” he said.

Twenty Indian soldiers lost their lives in this deadly face-off. But information available with South Block indicates that the soldiers were able to cause heavy losses on their adversaries. According to this information, the Chinese side ended up with about 35 casualties – soldiers who died or were seriously injured. The dead include the People’s Liberation Army’s commanding officer and his second-in-charge.

PM Modi kept his thrust sharply on India’s improved military capability, telling political parties – friends and rivals alike – that the armed forces were doing all that they could. Right from deployment, taking action or counter-action.

“We have the capability that no one can cast an eye on an inch of our territory,” the prime minister said, echoing his commitment to the country this week that India wanted peace but had the capacity and the will to strike back if provoked.

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