Cricket Council USA presently only relevant cricket body in US


With all the problems plaguing cricket administration in the United States, Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) has been the only stable body running cricket.
CCUSA headed by successful businessman Mahammad Qureshi has been organising tournaments, visiting schools and setting up cricket camps while others battle for power at the expense of the sport.
While the power struggle continues, Qureshi has pumped around $20M into the sport through his tournament, which will celebrate its 10th year this year, development programmes and other cricket initiatives.
When the International Cricket Council (ICC) suspended USACA the cricket players in the country grew frustrated. they were calling on CCUSA to give them an assurance that they will have a platform to showcase their skills. This is where Qureshi took up the slack and ensured without fail that the US Open T20 tournament was staged every year. In addition to this, he hosted the US Nationals and this year he brought on board T10 cricket for the first time in the United States.
In order to give local players the opportunity to play alongside everyday professionals, Qureshi spent his money in bringing in foreign cricketers to play in the US Open. He spent a tidy sum on this but what he also did was to ensure that the local players developed being around star players from around the globe.
Now with the ICC looking to put a new board in place to run cricket, the process has been slow and CCUSA has been propping up the sport. Qureshi is already making plans to host his tournament in December and is looking to bring in a wealth of foreign talent to test the United States players. Whilst other cricket bodies in the US were not hosting tournaments, Qureshi and his staff at CCUSA remained committed to the cause and continued to bring on board tournament after tournament.

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