British Airways Facing Crisis



According to the media reports, due to the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, British Airways has cut its staff by 13000 employees. The airline has re-contracted the remaining of its employees.

The state-run airline, British Airways, is facing the worst financial crisis in its history due to the lockdown caused by the long going coronavirus pandemic.

According to the details, the Chief executive officer of British Airways has told the parliamentary committee in a meeting that the airlines is facing its worst-ever financial crunches.  The CEO said that the airline is operating at 25 to 30 percent of its regular flights. He said that due to financial crunches, thousands of people have lost their jobs. He further said that because of the low number of flights, fewer people were needed to provide service to the passengers.

“We are not seeing an immediate return of our passengers in a short period of time, so the airline is taking all possible steps to ensure that the winter season passes,” he said.

The CEO of the UK’s national carrier told the committee that the airline is currently going through the worst period in its 100-year history and is fighting for survival in the business.

Giving more details, the CEO said the company has no choice but to lose 20 million pounds a day, while the CEO himself has cut his salary by almost a third.

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